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VISTA Client Installation Guide 2015

Installing the VISTA, Citrix and/or ThinPrint client? This new and comprehensive guide will walk you through the installation process step by step.

New Updates for the 4600R Scanner

If you're using one of the older 4600R scanners, please read the following instructions and update your scanner settings.

Absentee Labels and Extract in Primary

Atached is a document that describes which voters are put on the absentee ballot labels in a primary.

GIS Precincting File Format

In preparation for our redistricting project, all counties will need to resubmit their precinct information in a slightly different format. This will allow us to get the information we need in the files and make them consistent.

Atached is a file definition document which will allow your GIS staff to create the required file which will be include in the database.

New Hand-Scanner Implementation

A new hand-scanner has been introduced that can be used with VISTA Local at your polling places and VISTA. The instructions for downloading and installing the new hand-scanner is practically identical the process associated with the previous scanner.

Hand Scanner Installation Instructions

Scanner Setup: To use the new scanner, simply select "New Scanning Executable", set the speed to 38,400 and COM 9 (like the old scanner) and then scan the "New Scanner Setup" barcode. That's it. These downloads can be found under VISTA downloads to the left.

New Scanner, New Barcode:
To set up the new scanner, you will need to scan the barcode. The new barcode can be scanned from your computer monitor and doesn't need to be printed out. You can either scan it here or by selecting the new scanner set up option under VISTA downloads to the left

Where Can I Order a New Scanner?
To order a new scanner, you will want to refer to the following contract for contact and pricing information.

Address Verification Updated

We have just implemented a new addressing tool, which is CASS certified to work in the background of VISTA, which will assist in the address verification process. Watch a tutorial to see it in action:
New Address Verfication Tool

VISTA Training and Tutorials

As a reminder,you can view an extensive listing of VISTA training topics and tutorials by going to the VISTA Help page. You can also access these pages by selecting the F1 button on your keyboard while using VISTA.

Recording Voting History

Video Tutorial: Recording Voter History and Signatures

VISTA Local and Networking Tips

Downloading and Installing VISTA Local:

Video Tutorial: Downloading and Installing VISTA Local

Using VISTA Local:

Video Tutorial: Managing and Using VISTA Local

PDF: Downloading, using and managing VISTA Local.

Setting a Network to Run VISTA Local

Video Tutorial: Setting up a network with VISTA Local.

PDF: Setting up a network to run VISTA Local

Election Night Reporting

Download instructions on how to set up your GEMS software for election night reporting.

Polling Officials

For the latest in poll worker management, make sure to preview the following training guide.

Setting Up Your Election
and Polling Places

The way in which you manage elections and their polling places has changed dramatically. To assist you in quickly acclimating to these changes please review the following training guide.

Petition Management

If VISTA were not continaully evolving, we wouldn't be doing our job. With this in mind and based on your feedback, there have been some minor changes made to the petition management system. The primary changes include the ability for counties to verify petition signatures of those who do not live in their county and recently added reporting options.

Staying on top of the petition process has never been easier! Make sure to review the updated procedures guide.